Fourth Down and Love — August 6, 2016

Fourth Down and Love

“There’s no chance in a million that mushroom clouds or zombie-Nazi-Dragon riders or the total eclipse of the sun would cause a reader to put down the page.  Every development executive’s dream.” – Judge, Virginia Film Festival

“One of the best rom-coms I’ve ever read.” – Judge, Austin Film Festival

  • Top Ten Finalist, 2015 Virginia Film Festival
  • Top 15%, 2016 Austin Film Festival


Romance and football are opposites that do not attract.  So what happens when a hopeless romantic dates an injured NFL star to jump-start her brother’s sports therapy career?

LIZZIE, a prudish English. Lit. professor, dates TAD, an intellectual botanist with the personality of limp celery. Her brother DARCY, who dreams of becoming a sports therapist for his favorite NFL team, just lost his job and needs to move back in with her.

Darcy convinces Lizzie to date MONTANA, an injured NFL quarterback, to get his own foot in the door of the sports biz…and stay out of her house.  Lizzie yearns for a romantic hero, but Montana’s idea of romance is lighting a candle during a football game.

To help them survive, Darcy teaches Lizzie the world of football and preps Montana for the Jane Austen Cotillion, where he’ll have to ballroom dance and survive the Snob Mob of literature.

As Montana chips away at the wall around Lizzie’s heart, she has to redefine her idea of romance.  And when things fall apart, she must rely on her new football knowledge to save the day.